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Callmovers | Call Centre and Telesales Services

Why choose CallMovers?

CallMovers offers a flexible cost-effective way of bringing in new business. Here are some more reasons to choose us for your telesales and callcentre services:

  • Convert: Our conversion rates are higher – typically 50% compared with ‘cold’ calling.
  • Save: Our targeted, opt-in approach means that you only send your brochures out to people who are really interested.
  • Match: All our data is up to date, relevant to your audience and tailored to your needs
  • Learn: Our detailed call logs show you the outcome of every call, so that you can track patterns of success as well as persuading the ‘maybes’
  • Pace: As few as 10 leads a week, or as many as 100. You choose the steady pace of new business where you know you can meet the demand.
  • Tweak: We’re flexible – if patterns of success emerge, we’ll help you target more of the same kind of customer.
  • Stay legal: Telephone preference services and data protection are a legal minefield –we’ve been there before, and we know the rules.
  • Quick set-up: Your telesales or callcentre can be up and running within 3 days.

Call us now on 0845 226 7181 to find out how CallMovers call centre services and telesales operators can help you with lead generation services that delivery a steady flow of new customers. You can also email us or complete the online form.


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