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Telesales Services

Step-by-step, here’s how we work with you for maximum impact:

Target: We’ll help you time your campaign for best response.
Record: You tell our staff operators everything they need to know about your product.
Create: If you need a dedicated phone line for the incoming calls, we’ll set it up
Pace: You place your ad or promotion.


As the calls start coming in, our operators record the calls in detail
Refine: You respond quickly and efficiently to enquiries.
Analyse: We record the outcome of all the calls, including the ‘no-thank-yous’ and the ‘maybes’. You can view the full analysis in a private area of our website.

Call us now on 0845 226 7181 to find out how CallMovers call centre services and telesales operators can help you with lead generation services that delivery a steady flow of new customers. You can also email us or complete the online form.



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